We welcome enrolments all year round for preschool to year 12.

Enrolment forms are available from our Front Office or you may wish to download the forms below.

School starting age is as follows:
• Children who turn four years of age before 30th June are eligible to start preschool in January.
• Children who turn five years of age before 30th June are eligible to start Transition in January.

Our enrolment procedure is:

1. Complete an application for the student/s (forms below)

2. Contact one of our friendly administration staff to arrange an enrolment interview and a tour of our school.

Please bring your completed enrolment documents and a copy the additional required documentation (listed below), or you may email them to alyangula.admin@education.nt.gov.au

3. Upon completion of the enrolment interview, we will arrange a start date.

Enrolment Forms:









Additional Required Documentation:

      • Birth Certificate or equivalent identification
      • Details of any medical condition
      • Proof of address
      • Emergency contact details
      • Immunisation record
      • Name of previous school (if applicable)

*These documents are a requirement of the NT Government and must be provided prior to student commencement

Back to School Payment Scheme

You are entitled to receive $150 of educational goods and services for each child enrolled in a government or non-government NT school or preschool.

If your child is in transition to year 12, you will receive the entitlement in term 1 of each year. The entitlement must be used by the end of term 1.

If your child is in preschool, the entitlement is available throughout the year, but is only valid to the end of the first term in which they first enrol.

For more information please visit: Back to school payment scheme

Book Packs

Book Packs are available from the front office for all year levels, Transition to Year 12.

Book Packs assist parents by not having to purchase any additional equipment for their student throughout the year, which can be difficult in this remote location. Book Packs include items such as exercise books, text books and stationary which last the student for the whole year. Book pack lists are available from the front office for each year level, to give you an idea of what is included. Back to School Payment Scheme may be used to purchase Book Packs during Term 1 only.

Preschool Resource Pack

For Preschool students a Resource Pack is available from the front office. This pack will assist the school in providing extra resources which the students will be using in their Preschool program and will mean that parents do not need to purchase any additional items for their children. This resource pack is able to be paid for with the Back to School Payment Scheme.

Voluntary Contributions

By choosing to give Alyangula Area School a voluntary contribution, you will reduce the number of fundraising activities that the school undertakes throughout the year and ensure that the school is well resourced and capable of providing an exemplary educational experience for all students.

Please note that Back to School Vouchers are not able to be used for Voluntary Contributions.

Voluntary contributions are $100.00 per year or $25 per term ($2.50 per week) which is used to enhance the range of resources available in the school, for example:

  • Photocopying
  • Library materials including books, maps, charts, videos
  • Physical Education equipment: balls, gym mats, bases, repairs, protective equipment
  • Arts and crafts materials: paint, glue, wood, wool, papers, cardboard
  • Textbooks for Mathematics, Science, English, as well as class reading and literature sets
  • Mathematics and Science resources and learning aids
  • Computer equipment: hardware, disks, internet connection fees, printers, paper, cartridges, scanner, maintenance, iPads, digital still and video cameras
  • Music equipment: instruments, books, CDs, repairs and tuning
  • Excursion needs, including First Aid kit, drink containers

Mobile Phones

Students bringing mobile phones to school must leave these at the front office on arrival at school and collect them before going home.

Fit for School

Parents must ensure that children are in good health and ready for the school day. The school has a sick room where students who are hurt or who become ill during the school day can rest quietly while parents are contacted to take the child home. Children who are ill should not be sent to school, as we cannot adequately care for them in our facility, which is only for emergencies.

Parents and carers must let the school know if a child is diagnosed as having an infectious disease as many diseases have specific exclusion periods. Chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, impetigo, ringworm, scabies, conjunctivitis and hepatitis are examples of diseases that require treatment and an exclusion period to pass prior to re-entering the school.

Click here for exclusion times for students with or exposed to infectious disease.