School Council

The Alyangula Area School Council is committed to ensuring that all students at our school receive the best and most appropriate educational opportunities. The Council is committed to achieving the outcomes of the school’s Strategic Plan. The Council is committed to striving for excellence in educational outcomes for all students.

The Council meets eight to ten times throughout the school year. The meetings of the Council are open to the school community and are held in the school staff room. In March the Annual General Meeting of the Council is held. There are eight parent members on the Council elected at a general meeting of parents. There are also two teachers, the principal and up to three invited guests.

The Annual General Meeting of the Council is held by March 15th of each year in the multipurpose room, when representatives are duly elected to the executive positions of the Council. These positions include Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Throughout the school year, Committees of the Council may operate in order to ensure that the work of the School Strategic Plan is undertaken. These Committees consist of Council members, as well as both interested and invited school community members.

Involvement in the Alyangula School Council is a supportive and practical way of being involved in the corporate life of our school.  Everyone in the school community is urged to become involved.

If you'd like to bring a motion to the Council, please email the chair using the Motion Form