About Us - Principal Message - Jessica (Noella) Goveas

Welcome to the Alyangula Area School Community! Alyangula Area School caters for a diverse group of children from preschool to middle years. Senior year's programs are offered through the NT School of Distance Education. Alyangula Area School is part of the GENiUS (Groote Eylandt Numbulwar Milyakburra United Schools) hub, which includes four other schools: Angurugu School, Alyarramandumanja Umbakumba School, Milyakburra School and Numbulwar School. Alyangula Area School is unique in that it functions as an urban school although it is located on the very remote, traditional land of Groote Eylandt; far from a large population centre. Alyangula Area School has 30% of students who identify as Aboriginal, 12.4% as English as a Second Language (ESL) and 29.8% with a Language Background Other than English (LBOTE). Enrolments for 2019 averaged at 170 students and in 2020, our enrolment sits at 205 students. Our School goal for 2020 is : By the end of 2020, all teachers will plan (in their programs) and practice (in classrooms) a differentiated teaching and learning model for all English literacy lessons, through the practice of setting individual student goals, so that teachers are able to deliver targeted intervention and students are able to select learning activities and be assessed against their individual goals. Our students, staff and parents will be working strategically towards achieving this goal collaboratively. Our teaching and learning will be primarily centred around this goal this year so that we are sharp and narrow in our focus. Our school is very privileged to have positive partnerships with South 32/GEMCO and the Anindilyakwa Land Council. Our partnerships have led to several productive initiatives for our students, leading to increased educational outcomes. Alyangula Area School has a very strong and high functioning School Council team who support the school leadership and staff in collaboratively making important decisions for our school?s infrastructure and resources. I invite you to read through our Annual School Performance Report to gain a snapshot of our achievements and challenges in 2019.