About Us - School Council

From the School Council Team

Alyangula Area School is a dynamic school and the school Council plays an essential role of the school's management and we welcome all new families to island to actively join our team.

Parents have the right to participate in education decision-making processes at all levels if they wish to do so and in doing so can gain a unique knowledge of their own children and help the transition of education that begins in the home and continues throughout life in the home, the school and the community.

The School Council is made up of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Teacher Representatives, Parent Representatives and Student Representatives.

If you would like more information regarding positions or assisting the school council, please contact the schools front office.

2018 School Council

Chairperson       Lee McGlinn

Treasurer           Tracey Connolly

Secretary           Kerry Bull

Parent Reps      Anita Martin

                          Corey Walton

                          Tina Busbridge

                          Celina Donnelly

                          Louise Kerr

Teacher Reps    Lee Milroy

                          Bec Platt               

Invited Guest     Corinne Harmer

                          Leigh Crossman