School Information - SRC


The purpose of SRC is so that students have a voice and a say over what programs and activities are offered at school. They are able to participate in these activities, which are catered to all ages, aimed at making school more fun and engaging. They also run events to fundraise money and raise awareness for chosen causes and can be a part of something positive. Running the lunchtime activities students are given another avenue to explore if they are needing a break from ‘play’ or want more stimulus. The role of the SRC representatives, is to collate students’ ideas and thoughts from their classroom and discuss them at weekly meetings so they can put thoughts into actions.
SRC representatives were selected at the beginning of the year by their class. They delivered a speech and students voted on who they thought would best represent their class and be a good student voice.
Who’s on SRC
The current student representatives on the SRC are:
Grade 8/9 – Oliver Tudehope and Alex Ellenden
Grade 6/7 – Gabby Samarua and Jai Donnelly
Grade 5/6 – Charlize Gilmore and Lincoln Booth
Grade 4/5 – Bonnie Dornan and Levi Lergessner
Grade 3 – Angus Barnett and Milla Johnson
Sports Captains
Scorpions - Lara Moore and Layla Mahood
Redbacks - Ayva Ahovelo and Markus Bohmer
The School Captains Finn Dornan (year 7) and Righardt Bohmer (year 7)
Teacher Rep – Louise Stephen and Temira Wallis
The SRC meetings are held fortnightly, on even weeks (Weeks of assembly), during lunch.
SRC activities
SRC are responsible for running activities that have been voted on by the students across the school. At the beginning of the year the students reps collected surveys from each class on what activities students would like to have running for the year. They then created the events calendar, which was approved by school council, and have been responsible for running the upcoming events each term.
In 2017 the students ran the ‘Wear White to Work” day to provide awareness and support to families of suicide victims and mental health sufferers, as well as “Jeans for Genes” day which supports the Children’s Medical Institute in finding a cure for childhood genetic diseases. The SRC have also been running down ball competitions at lunch times, which has incited great interest.