School Information - SWPBS

Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a whole-school approach to creating a safe and supportive environment that has a strong evidence-base and is used in many schools across the Northern Territory. A safe and orderly school environment is important to learning. 

SWPBS proviodes a clear set of behaviour expectations are developed around our key school values (as defined in our matrix).

Together we: show Respect, strive for Excellence, show Courage, demostrate Safety 

Students are recognised for positive behaviours. Positive expectations and behaviours are explicitly taught and encouraged.  

A matrix has been developed for teachers and students to identify the expected behaviours at Alyangula Area School. The matrix includes appropriate behaviours in specific areas including: whole school, learning areas, grounds, during play, community and to and from school.

These behaviours are displayed around the school and discussed regularly in all classes.